Color Therapy: Adult Coloring Books For Adults


Color therapy dates back thousands of years into ancient times spanning continents. Color is simply light at a certain wavelength, each color has it’s own wavelength and energy association. Each of the seven spectrums of color  (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) resonates with the energies of each of the seven chakras of the body. Like the internal workings of a complex machine each chakra must perform in sync with one another to achieve optimal health. It is a relationship dependent on balance. If one of these chakras becomes weak or under-performs, the whole system may be at risk. Color therapy can help re-balance chakras by stimulation of weak wavelengths with the associated color and energy center. 



Color can be absorbed through our eyes, our skin, and through every form of contact on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level. Color can stimulate through a beings aura or the magnetic field that surrounds each. Every cell is dependent upon the energy absorbed from wavelengths emitted by colors. As a baby in the womb, color first begins to contribute to building of our consciousness to color associations.

Color therapy can help with physical ailments and while this may be a way to quantify it’s benefits truly it’s potential is realized more dramatically on a psychological and spiritual level. By noting the way color affects our energy centers we can begin to rebalance our bodies emotionally and spiritually, in turn our physical health will increase. Color therapy is completely non-invasive and is a holistic therapy. In reality, everyone should experience color on a daily basis. Here is a chart that shows each color and the chakra it resonates with:

Color Chakra
Violet Violet - crown chakra Crown
Indigo Indigo - brow chakra Brow
Blue Blue - throat chakra Throat
Green Green - heart chakra Heart
Yellow Yellow - solar plexus chakra Solar Plexus
Orange Orange - sacral chakra Sacral
Red Red - base chakra Base


Adult coloring books provide and outlet for you to experience and interact with color artistically. When using adult coloring books to aide in color therapy, you are creating a map of your energy centers. The shapes and strokes of your media will reflect your inner self, and your mood at the time of creation. The act of coloring will help to balance these centers and you will gain valuable insight into your own energies. Use your own instincts and personal inspiration to color as guidance. Coloring and art therapy offers many benefits. It has the therapeutic potential to reduce stress and anxiety while helping you focus. So what are you waiting for? Coloring books are not just for kids, they may just be the ultimate way for adults to meditate! Grab a set of colored pencils and start coloring today!

-Written by @TheRealSteezyJ


*Please note that while color therapy may provide many benefits I do not make any claim to be a doctor or therapist. Even though color therapy is completely safe for everyone, if you have concerns about your health you should seek the advice of a professional.*

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