SteezyWorkz Adult Coloring Book Soon, Guest Blog Writers!

Whats Steezy everybody?!

First off lets start with a round of applause and by sending a huge thank you to show our appreciation to our team of SteezyWorkz illustrators. We have worked very hard to bring you our first international, collaborative, adult coloring book due to hit a neighborhood near you this April 2017! The next announcement you hear about the book will be when we publish and add it for sale here on our website. Please support our artists by checking out their Instagram profiles and personal work. You can find them tagged in a previous coloring book post by @SteezyWorkz on Instagram (Here).


I want to send a special welcome to those who have signed up to our website and are locked in for all our updates. It’s only been a few short days since the launch of the new website and already we have members anticipating content! We couldn’t ask for anything more ((except maybe a share ;)) As we begin to populate our blog you’ll see that this is where we will be keeping the public informed on whats going on with the brand. Everything pertaining to what we are doing at any given time new releases, events, and much more,, find it here on the blog.


In addition to topics about the brand we would like to open the floor for more creative and engaging material. We understand the voice we have as a growing brand and long time influencer on the culture. We want to let the voices of the artists be heard. After all, that is so vital to achieving our main objective – to  ” connect artists through cultures of expression”


This is why we are opening the floor for guest writers for our blog. We are now accepting submissions (by email) for post on our blog. Our blog gets shared to our over 10k followers on multiple social networks. SteezyWorkz wants to collaborate with you! Send us your submissions (plain text,links, images, and video urls all ok) Please keep you word count to 600 words or fewer.


As far as content goes, the world is your oyster! Feel free to submit anything to our blog. As long as your post does not contain violence, or anything that could be deemed offensive. Just remember that this is an artistic blog and we will lean toward posting articles that correlate with our story. Current events, Art , Poetry, Announcements of projects, reviews of music, pop culture, fashion, green technology, how-to’s are just some of the wide range of topics and types of articles we will accept. We will share links to your personal website or blog and we ask that you link back to us as well. We will credit you fully as a guest writer on our blog. We will NOT share your post if you are simply trying to sell or market a product or service. This is a creative blog for entertainment and educational purposes and guest writers may not attempt to link to advertisements or shops.**


To submit please email and title the subject “Blog Submission”


**If you would like to discuss business opportunities for sharing your product or service on our blog please contact us

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