The Bitcoin tide rolls out as Hurricane Irma swells

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My name is Johnnie and I am the founder of SteezyWorkz. If you’ve been keeping up with news then I’m sure you’ve heard of the major hurricane headed toward Florida. Hurricane Irma is a potentially CAT5 storm and possibly one of the largest on record to make landfall on the eastern United States coast. I’ve had my share of experience bunkering down through storms the most recent in memory was Hurricane Sandy which slammed into New Jersey and surrounding areas. From power outages and blackout to dwindling water, gas and basic necessities these storms can become life and death matters. I encourage everyone in the path of the hurricane to stay safe. Heed the advice of local authorities and watch out for you family especially the youth and elderly. I happen to have family and friends in the are some of which will be evacuating. SteezyWorkz will be creating a fund which will be discussed later in the article to provide relief in the coming weeks to those affected by this natural event.

Also in the news on the other side of the world we are witnessing China implement a ban on Cryptocurrencies. Earlier this week China imposed a ban on “ICO’s” or Initial Coin Offerings. An ICO is similar to an IPO on the stock market. China’s ban on ICO’s will prohibit new forms of crypto currency. When this news broke earlier in the week we witnessed a pull back in the price of all the major crypto coins. Friday left Bitcoin and it’s rival coins bleeding again as rumors surfaced that China may shut down local crypto currency exchanges.

What does all of this mean? Where am I going with this? Well, I’ll start by giving a small investment example to put things in perspective. If you were to purchase 1,000 Bitcoins 7 years ago in September 2010 it would have cost you $0.06 per coin or $60 total. That same 1000 Bitcoin today would be worth approximately $4 Million!

One Bitcoin today is equal to about $4200 USD. This is after this weeks pullback from an even more sturdy price of $4800 USD. I believe the Bitcoin has more than established itself as a viable peer to peer currency and will continue to rise above the obstacles. Many other coins will be birthed to compete and even possibly surpass the Bitcoin in value. This recent drop in price reflects and opportunity for late-comers to the Bitcoin craze to extract a valuable investment. I am proud to announce that by January 2018, SteezyWorkz will be accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for its products! We will be updating you all through the website so stay tuned.

As mentioned earlier in the article SteezyWorkz is hosting a relief fund for those affect by Hurricane Irma. Please make your donation in any increment of Bitcoin to the following wallet address:

Donate to SteezyWorkz Hurricane Irma Relief Fund wallet 161PnLhcCN2xjoPNiJK59LcoEQSUXCixT4

If you do not own Bitcoin that is ok. In a short moment you can setup a bitcoin wallet and purchase bitcoin for as little as $10 to get started. Just Click Here to Visit and sign up. You can download the Coinbase Mobile app to make transferring bitcoin easy!

If you cannot afford to purchase Bitcoin or simply don’t understand Cryptocurrency that is not a problem either! You can earn FREE Bitcoin every day without needing much knowledge about how coins work or spending a cent of your own money simply by clicking HERE or the above banner and signing up. Takes 1 minute to verify your email and you’re all set! The best part about this site is it give you multiple types of free coins daily. It also is a good news resource as it organizes multiple media channels into one. Feel free to donate some of your FREE Bitcoins to SteezyWorkz Hurricane Irma Relief Fund. Your support is greatly appreciated and with Bitcoin will go a long way to help those in need.

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