“The Color Within” Coloring Book series on the way, Bitcoin reaches new high!

Our new coloring book is under progress and is due to hit the public sometime this fall! The official name of the new series of coloring books is “The Color Within”. Once we are closer to our release date we will be releasing more details and media about the project. Please stay tuned to this unique collaborative effort. As always you can get a copy of Steezyworkz original coloring book “The 10 Depths of Existential Steeze” on Amazon (here):

If you had simply purchased and held Bitcoin by signing up to Coinbase (Here)  back in September when our last article was posted you would be up over 50% on your investment! Its not too late to join the peer to peer cryptocurrency wave, sign up at Coinbase using our referral link and receive $10 Free when you buy $100 of Bitcoin !!

If you are a savvy investor please also check out our referral link to Bitconnect Start earning and compounding interest daily Bitcoin:

In the future we hope to enable bitcoin payments for purchases of our coloring books and other products. Speaking of we will be launching a new lineup of merchandise this fall alongside the release of the “Color Within” coloring book series. You can check our blog posts for updates on whats happening with SteezyWorkz and be sure to follow us across social media channels @SteezyWorkz on IG, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest

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